Panoramio Position

Hello all.

This is a special post which will be written in  English, because is assigned for people worldwide.

Actually I’m working on my new web project which is based again on WordPress, with a special theme build on Google maps. Because there is no plug-in for display photos from Panoramio (based on exact position), I do it by myself. Actually it is in beta testing and it is assigned only for theme The Navigator.

Plug-in display photos from specified area, which is based on Latitude and Longitude of the post. In options of a plug-in, you can set how big will be area from which will be photos taken. Plug-in display two areas. One is for list of photos and second one is for selected photo. In this version photo list can be only on top or bottom. For display plug-in in the post you need to insert into post special shortcode or function.

[pp lat=48.735626 lon=21.23857550000002]

Main features

Offset -> describe how big is area from which are photos taken, right now you can choose from 3 options, small, medium & big

Dimensions -> you can define width & height of whole area and width & height of photo and list of photos

Background – > you can choose background color of all elements

Positions -> it define position of photo list, now you can choose top or bottom

Column & Row -> you can choose how many rows and columns will have photo list


In the next versions of plug-in I want to add possibility to specify size o area in every post. If off set won’t be specified in the post, plug-in will take default value from settings. I want possibility to show photo list on the left or right side also.